Reasons for Buying an AG.X Series Dyno


AW is the world leader in AG/PTO dynamometers with over 14,000 units sold.  AW's hydraulic activated load unit is water cooled allowing it to test high torque loads for continuous periods of time.  AW's heavy duty load units are well known to last for decades.  Combine this with all new computerized electronic load control, software, thermocouples, sensors and you have a system second to none - the AG.X Series.

Models - AW has three AG.X Series models
        • AG.2X 300 HP (225KW)
        • AG.3X 600 HP (450KW)
        • AG.4X 900 HP (675KW)

AW offers two versions of each model
        • Mobile Mount - model comes with tires and axles
                capable of operatiing around the shop.
                (Units can be transported to the field on an
                appropriate trailer.)
        • Fixed Mount - model has steel feet to be anchored
                to the floor.
        • Thru the Wall Mount - both mobile and fixed
                mounts can be outfitted with extended rear
                half shafts to allow exterior testing.

PTO and Engine Testing - AG.X Series models are capable
        of operating in either direction (CW) (CCW).
        • Allows for testing PTO (CW) and Engine (CCW)
        • Simply activate a bi directional valve.
        • Direct drive on all models.  No gear boxes to remove.

LOW MAINTENANCE - AG.X Series models are equipped with electronic thermocouple and water flow sensors - protecting your dynamometer from operator error and extending the longevity of your unit.

AW is listed as the preferred supplier for major OEM's.
AW dynamometers are in serivce at the major OEM's training centers.

      Fixed Mount





      Mobile Mount


• IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. The dynamometer will help you be a better dealer by proving to your customer the exact power of the new or used equipment being purchased.

• PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTIONS. Dyno testing can reveal problems during pre-delivery inspections.  Being able to fix these problems at your store, prior to delivering the tractor, will improve your customer experience.

• SELL MORE SERVICE.  Improve your service department absorption factor by selling after season inspections that include a dyno test.

• PROVIDE ENGINE AND OTHER REPAIRS.  AW dynamometers are capable of testing both PTO and Engine.  A test report will prove to your customer the repairs were made properly.

• ENHANCE DIAGNOSTIC CAPABILITIES.  Dynos are great tools to enhance diagnostic capabilities by simulating work under load to allow technicians to easier locate the root cause of failures.



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