AG.4X Series

  • AG.4X

    The first AG.4X was designed and manufactured in 2005. Since then, thousands of AG.4X’s have been sold and field tested with zero warranty claims. The AG.4X is today’s largest capacity, field tested, modern dynamometer in this world’s Agricultural market.

    *** 5 Year Warranty on all Nebraska Series Dynamometers ***

  • NEB 800

    The first NEB 800 was designed and manufactured in 2005. Since then, thousands of NEB 800’s have been sold and field tested with zero warranty claims. The Nebraska 800 is today’s largest capacity, field tested, modern dynamometer in this world’s Agricultural market.

    *** 5 Year Warranty on all Nebraska Series Dynamometers ***

How easy is it to setup and run your own AG.4X?

AG.4X Specifications                                                   

Max Power

900 Hp @ 1000 Rpm
600 Kw @ 1000 Rpm

Min Power

25 Hp @ 540 Rpm
19 Kw @ 540 Rpm

Max Torque

4725 Ft.Lbs @ 1000 Rpm
6400 Nm @ 1000 Rpm

Standard Instrumentation

2100 DynoPro Computer (884105)

Max Operating Rpm

3000 Rpm (High Speed Driveline Series)

Standard Dynamometer Control

Manual Flow Control Valve

Max Operating Rpm

1500 Rpm (Standard PTO Shafts)

Opt. Dynamometer Control

RTX Handheld Control w/Electronic Hydraulic Valve


*** In order to test both PTO & Direct Engine Flywheel/Combines/Forage Harvesters, the Nebraska Series Dynamometers will require the Bi-Directional Valve & High Speed Driveline Assembly.

*** I-Series Dynamometers can be operated for both flywheel and PTO, the end user would just need to purchase the Rear Half and Front Half PTO Shafts to convert to PTO testing.


AG.4X Operation

The AG.4X PTO Dynamometer is a four drum friction brake that is supplied via hydraulic pressure by a chain driven hydraulic pump. When the Power Take Off is engaged, the hydraulic pump circulates the hydraulic oil through the manual flow control valve allowing the end user to fine tune the hydraulic pressure to the internal brake system. The torque reaction is measured by a torque arm that is attached to the back input shaft of the internal load unit. The heat that is created in this process is dissipated and carried out of the internal top tank by an incoming water source. In order to keep the internal brake’s synthetic oil in normal operating condition, the water temperature must not exceed 140 Degree F.  When the end user is finished applying load to the application they are testing, the end user simply backs off the fine tune valve on top and opens the bottom course valve to relieve all pressure to the brake.

*** Optional Dynamometer control - RTX Handheld w-Electronic Valve (2100s DynoPro-884152)


AG.4X Instrumentation

The AG.4X comes standard with the 2100 DynoPro Computer, 5000 load cell, magnetic pickup, and 24 Volt Power Supply. The 2100s Display features Power, Rpm, Torque, Torque Rise, and (Optional) Dyno Water Temp.

2100s DynoPro Computer System


DynoPro Computer SystemThe DynoPro 2100s Computer system is a high-speed control and data acquisition computer offering a Real-Time Operating platform that is taken advantage by its high performance ARM Processor. The standard PTO dynamometer 2100s (884105) comes equipped with a 5000 load cell (Torque), digital magnetic pickup (Rpm), and a 24 Volt power supply. The 2100s DynoPro Computer is also encased in a high grade aluminum box that is NEMA rated for outside weather elements and is capable of a 360 Degree rotational view. Key features of the 2100s DynoPro Computer- Power, Rpm, Torque, Torque Rise, and Optional- Dyno Water Temp.





Optional 2100s DynoPro Upgrades


The 2100s DynoPro Computer Series gives the dynamometer end user a plethora of advantageous OPTIONS:  DynoPro Computer Updates

  • Data Collection and Printing Capability (ETS SOFTWARE)

  • Thermocouple Input (Electronic Display DYNO TEMP)

  • Constant Torque Pkg

  • Closed Loop PID Set-Point Control

  • RTX Handheld Control

  • Set-Point Profile Table (Automation Testing/TS SOFTWARE)

RTX Handheld Control

Dynamometer RTX HandheldIn order to operate the Nebraska Series dynamometer with the RTX Handheld, the standard manual flow control valve needs to be replaced with the Electronic Hydraulic valve and the standard 2100s DynoPro Computer (884105) needs to be upgraded to the (884152) 2100s DynoPro Computer. The RTX Handheld allows for a 25 ft. remote CAN connection from the 2100s DynoPro PC (884152), and the control functionality consists of manual % control (increase/decrease). Optional RTX control packages include: Constant Torque Pkg with closed Loop PID Set-Point Control.


***The RTX simply allows the technician to operate the dyno from the cab of the tractor where the technician can monitor their ECU settings with their OEM laptops. Key features- Power, Rpm, Torque, Torque Rise, and Dyno Water Temp (Optional).

ETS Software

ETS Software for DynamometerAW’s (Engine Test System)ETS Software is a National Instruments Labview based application that is compatible with Windows 7, 8, & 10.  The ETS Software is installed onto the technician’s laptop and connects to the DynoPro 2100S Computer via USB cable.  ETS is capable of acquiring and recording live data from the DynoPro 2100S and displaying raw data along with power, torque, and torque-rise graphs.  ETS has a built in technician and customer database for organizing user and test data as well as a University of Nebraska Tractor Test PTO database for easy comparison of PTO tests against industry standards.  Historical data values and charts can be retrieved and printed at any through the ETS user friendly interface. 


For a PDF of the ETS user guide manual, click here



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